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Wednesday 27 February 2019

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The edited verbatim report of proceedings in the Commons and the Lords on this date can be found in the Official Report (Hansard)

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Transcripts of select committee evidence sessions that took place on this date are published on the relevant committee's pages.

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Main Chamber

3.00 pm

Oral questions

United States Elie Wiesel and Atrocities Prevention Act, signed into law by the US President on 19 January - Lord Selkirk of Douglas

Oral questions

Update to the Human Tissue Act 2004 - Lord Hunt of Kings Heath

Oral questions

Threat to river ecosystems posed by farm chemicals, sewage and excessive abstraction - Baroness Redfern

Oral questions

Restricting the profits made by housebuilders through the Help to Buy scheme - Lord Shipley


Security and humanitarian situation in Jammu and Kashmir in light of the escalating tensions between India and Pakistan - Baroness Goldie


Further discussions with the European Union under Article 50 of the Treaty on European Union - Lord Callanan

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7.30 pm

Estimated rising time

Grand Committees

3.45 pm

Orders and regulations

International Waste Shipments (Amendment) (EU Exit) Regulations 2019 - Baroness Vere of Norbiton

Orders and regulations

Veterinary Medicines and Animals and Animal Products (Examination of Residues and Maximum Residue Limits) (Amendment etc.) (EU Exit) Regulations 2019 - Lord Gardiner of Kimble

Orders and regulations

Trade in Animals and Related Products (Amendment) (EU Exit) Regulations 2019; Import of and Trade in Animals and Animal Products (Amendment etc.) (EU Exit) Regulations 2019 - Lord Gardiner of Kimble

Orders and regulations

Waste (Miscellaneous Amendments) (EU Exit) Regulations 2019 - Lord Gardiner of Kimble

Orders and regulations

Ozone-Depleting Substances and Fluorinated Greenhouse Gases (Amendment etc.) (EU Exit) Regulations 2019 - Baroness Vere of Norbiton

7.45 pm

Estimated rising time

Select Committees

9.30 am

Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee - Private Meeting

Location: Room 3A, Palace of Westminster

10.00 am

Oral Evidence Session

(at 10:15 am)
Mr Andrew Bailey, Chief Executive Officer, Financial Conduct Authority

Location: Room 3, Palace of Westminster

10.15 am

Private Meeting

Location: Room 1, Palace of Westminster

10.30 am

Oral Evidence Session

(at 11:00 am)
Rt Hon Claire Perry MP, Minister of State for Energy and Clean Growth, BEIS
Mr Dan Osgood, Director, Heat & Emissions Trading, BEIS
Ms Anne-Therese Farmer, Deputy Director, Energy and Transport Tax, HM Treasury
Mr Robert Jenrick MP, Exchequer Secretary, HM Treasury

Location: Room 2, Palace of Westminster

10.30 am

Oral Evidence Session

(at 11:30 am)
Mr Richard Martin, Deputy Assistant Commissioner, Metropolitan Police
Mr Stephen Rodhouse, Director General (Operations), National Crime Agency
Ms Rebecca Ellis, Director Europe, Home Office
Ms Penny Freston, Senior Director of EU Exit, Border Force

Location: Room 4A, Palace of Westminster

10.40 am

Oral Evidence Session

(at 10:40 am)
Mr Rafael Grossi, Permanent Representative of Argentina to the International Organisations in Vienna and President-designate of the NPT’s 2020 Review Conference
(at 11:40 am)
Mr Bert Koenders, former Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs

Location: Room 4, Palace of Westminster

4.15 pm

Private Meeting

Location: Other

Joint Committees

No business scheduled

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